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Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Association provides guidance and clarity for the transaction of business both at the executive table and at any general meetings. These regulations supercede all other regulations except for national and provincial laws. The document provides:

Information about membership and conditions and rights of membership including voting rights, annual dues and methods of voting.
The process for calling meetings both excutive and members' meetings including necessary notice and the required quorum for meetings.
A description of the duties of elected officers and directors is outlined and includes the formation of composition of Committees
The various financial reponsibilities are outlined in the last section of the document.

We invite you to download the most recent edition of the amended at the Annual General Meeting of The Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia (RCABC) which was held in Hope, BC

Click Here for the:  RCABC Constitution and ByLaws - April 22-2018

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