Swimming a Capsized Canoe 
If you're out canoeing regularly, it is likely that sooner or later you'll capsize. If you're not sure how to deal with capsizes, the results can range from fun to unsettling to quite dangerous. With training, practice and experience, performing a rescue can become simple and routine, even when it is unexpected.



Assessing Hazards

Scouting a Difficult Section 
We enjoy looking forward the many positives of canoeing and being out in the wilderness, but it is worthwhile to identify the hazards that you may encounter and take reasonable steps to prepare for them.

What are the specific hazards on your trip?




Planning & Leading

Studying the Marine Chart 
Pre-trip planning pays off by identifying issues that may become a nuisance, challenging or even dangerous later on. Having a meeting days or weeks before going on longer trips is extremely helpful for everything from meal planning to navigation, leadership and rescue roles. A pre-trip meeting every day before heading out on the water is highly recommended too, even if you're paddling with a familiar group. If you are a leader or guide it is a Transport Canada requirement.


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