Courses Lead to CompetenceRCABC instructors can offer a wide range of non-specialized and specialized canoe programs.  RCABC also offer these program at various levels from beginner to expert.  Our instructors are well-prepared and skillful enabling them to be fully competent in preparing future paddlers to achieve their goals.  You can view the Program Overview at this LINK.  The following list of programs can be accessed at all levels from beginners to advanced to instructors and to instructor trainers:

  • Lake Water
  • Moving Water
  • Tripping (lake, ocean and river)
  • Ocean Canoeing
  • Poling
  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
  • Canoe Guide Program

Our website contains the details for all of our courses.  We hope that we can encourage you to take our courses.  We know that you will benefit by becoming more skillful and, what is most important, SAFE.  Begin or continue your canoe learning journey with us. 


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