COVID 19 Update, June 6th: Please read the protocols determined by the RCABC executive. Thanks to everyone for continuing to stay safe! CLICK to obtain the latest information X

COVID Information

The RCABC executive met May 10th and approved recommendations for our Instructors and Clubs to resume sanctioned day paddling activities as of May 14th and overnight canoe camping programs as of June 1st. Please note that there are a number of recommendations included in our document below, but that due to the large variety of locations, types of canoeing, and personal circumstances it is up to each instructor and club to develop their own plans as to how to comply with the Provincial Public Health Officer. Our recommendations are based on the the Governments of BC's own recommendations and may change based on the available information. Please continue to use caution and good judgment.

Please do not hesitate to contact the executive if you have any questions. These are challenging and confusing times for us all. We hope these recommendations offer you some guidance. We have also updated the waiver to include reference to "Pathogens and illnesses including...viruses and bacteria". From a legal liability perspective it is essential that ALL participants fill out a waiver before every course or event and at the start of the season for all club members. A copy of the waiver is available for download Under the "Forms" tab as well as additional information on the delivery and administration of waivers which is key to making them effective.

Stay happy and stay healthy everyone while getting back on the water.  Here is your link to the Recommendations.



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