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2014 RCABC Instructor Level Courses

2014 RCABC Instructor Courses Update

The following instructor level courses are currently planned for 2014. More may become available so keep watching or contact the executive.  If you’re interested in any of the courses below please check the website for prerequisites, details and contact information.

May 20th to 25th – Lakewater Instructor course for College of the Rockies Fernie at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park. LW Instructor Trainer co-teaches or LWI Recertifications are welcome.
Instructors: Allyson Phillips, Brian Bell, Roger Warnatsch.

May 31st to June 4th – Canoe Tripping Leader or Instructor course in the Kootenays. Lake or River depending on previous training/experience.
Instructors: Allyson Phillips, Roger Warnatsch, Tom Alexander (mentoring)

June 14th (several days and evenings) – Lakewater Instructor at Buntzen Lake, Anmore, near Vancouver.
LW Instructor Trainer co-teaches or LWI Recertifications are welcome.
Instructor: Lance Castonguay

June 27th -30th  - RCABC River Rescue Level 1&2 in Quesnel. Moving Water Instructor Recertification may be possible. Co-teach for River Rescue Instructor may be possible. River Rescue participation is likely full.
Instructors: Roger Warnatsch, Allyson Phillips

Early August – Canoe Tripping Instructor or Leader on the Kootenay River. 5 days.
Instructors: Roger Warnatsch, Allyson Phillips

Fall 2014 (dates to be determined) – Lakewater Instructor in Vancouver area. No LW Instructor Trainer co-teaches.
Instructor: Carey Robson
Spring 2015 – RCABC Paddle Conference in Hope will have LW Recert and/or Instructor Trainer Clinic if there is interest. Also Capilano and College of the Rockies will have at least 3 LWI courses in the April – May period that people may be able to join in on.

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