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Canoeing and the Environment

  • Food Safety and Hygiene

     While canoeing and camping, there are many bacteria and viruses transmitted by humans that can make your trip grueling or even cause serious long-term illness. Some of these parasites are highly contagious and if you go on a long trip they can spread through your group very quickly. Good Hygiene can control the spread of viruses, parasites and bacteria. A good wilderness first aid course can help with understanding and treatment.

Random RCABC News Article

My main focus has been working on the website upgrades, but there is more going on as we quickly get approach paddling and teaching season!

I’m happy to say that Alan Thomson has been doing significant work done on the draft for the Big Canoe course upgrade. This has been talked about for years. We hope to send a draft to all Big Canoe Instructors by the end of March for their input.

I’m going to propose a few changes for our course policies, which people should think about:

  1. A website based, mandatory registration and advertising only for instructor level courses. Instructor Trainers wou

Canoeing Safety

Swimming a Capsized Canoe 
If you're out canoeing regularly, it is likely that sooner or later you'll capsize. If you're not sure how to deal with capsizes, the results can range from fun to unsettling to quite dangerous. With training, practice and experience, performing a rescue can become simple and routine, even when it is unexpected.



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