Canoeing and the Environment

  • What Else Can Canoeists Do?

     BC still has some large areas of wilderness but pressure on our environment is steadily increasing. Our lifestyles and economy demand more resource extraction. Water is becoming increasingly important as a commodity. Energy (hydroelectricity) is incredibly important to our lifestyles. Climate change is impacting snow packs, river levels, flora and fauna. What can we do?

Random RCABC News Article

RCABC Website Upgrade Report – March, 2014

Some good progress has been made on the website recently:

  • A photo gallery program has been purchased and is being configured. There will be 2 galleries to start with; one with user submissions and the other will have an educational focus with multiple topics and text. More galleries are possible in the future and can be used to supplement courses, or any other purpose.
  • The gear swap is almost functional and will include lost and found.
  • The forum is being configured and you can see a preview of it on the site now.
  • An “incident reporting” system is on th

Canoeing Safety

Scouting a Difficult Section 
We enjoy looking forward the many positives of canoeing and being out in the wilderness, but it is worthwhile to identify the hazards that you may encounter and take reasonable steps to prepare for them.

What are the specific hazards on your trip?




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