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     BC still has some large areas of wilderness but pressure on our environment is steadily increasing. Our lifestyles and economy demand more resource extraction. Water is becoming increasingly important as a commodity. Energy (hydroelectricity) is incredibly important to our lifestyles. Climate change is impacting snow packs, river levels, flora and fauna. What can we do?

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Silver Canoe Dinner

I’m excited to attach an invitation to a special dinner on Friday, May 13 at the Creekside Community Recreation Centre on Vancouver’s False Creek to celebrate the role of canoes and paddling in BC and Canada.

I’ve been asked by the Canadian Canoe Museum to host this event.
Details about the dinner are in the attachments and linked website and I would ask that you communicate this to anyone you think might interested in attending, including those at Camp Kawkawa later this month.
From Sanford Osler

For ticket sales go to: THIS PAGE

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