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Canoeing and the Environment

  • Food Safety and Hygiene

     While canoeing and camping, there are many bacteria and viruses transmitted by humans that can make your trip grueling or even cause serious long-term illness. Some of these parasites are highly contagious and if you go on a long trip they can spread through your group very quickly. Good Hygiene can control the spread of viruses, parasites and bacteria. A good wilderness first aid course can help with understanding and treatment.

Random RCABC News Article

This CBC Marketplace television show is an interesting view of risk associated with outdoor adventure. It discusses some issues such as waivers that are not well understood by many outdoor guides, instructors and adventurers. While it's not an in depth look into the outdoor adventure industry, it is worth watching!


Canoeing Safety

Treatment of Hypotherma 
British Columbia's waterways normally range from cold to very cold. There are a some warm lakes and rivers in the summer, but in many cases the water was snow not too long ago. Dressing appropriately is vital to not just being comfortable but also to prevent hypothermia (lowering of the body's core temperature), which is one of your biggest safety concerns.

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