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Canoeing and the Environment

  • Practice Leave No Trace

     Leave No Trace principles are taught and encouraged by many RCABC instructors. On waterways where LNT principles are practiced, canoeists can feel the pleasure of being the first to discover an untouched wilderness even if thousands of people have passed before them. Most canoeists know what it feels like to explore a waterway and find garbage, campfire debris, damaged trees, improper human waste management and other remnants of bad camping practices. Let’s do our best to keep our BC wilderness clean and wild!

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WELCOME to our new and reassigned executive members, zone reps/alternates:

Don Flowers as Vice-President
Marlene Alvarado as Treasurer
Jim Boyde as Environmental Director
Dave Westell as Newsletter Editor
Jeff Ravinovitch as Burnaby/Delta Representative / Nicole Stevens as alternate
Jennifer Eastwood as Okanagan Representative / Allan Stradeski as alternate
Leonard Thor as Vancouver Representative / Linda Eng as alternate
Jim Hartwick as Fraser Valley Zone Representative

Canoeing Safety

River Flow at the Adams River 
The river canoeing opportunities in British Columbia are nothing less than outstanding and RCABC encourages you to get outside and enjoy them! But BC's rivers require extra caution, gear and skills. The list of cautions is long, but they can all be managed very safely with training and an attitude towards safety.

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