Canoeing and the Environment

  • Fire & Lightning

      Wildfires in BC can have a profound impact on the landscape, wildlife, economy and our safety. Lightning can be risky when out canoeing and camping either directly or by causing wildfires in the area. Learning about lightning, campfire and wildfire safety is vital to understanding our environmental impact and safety.    

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The Tamihi Five-0 is a fun slalom race for open canoes.  Held at Tamihi Rapid on the Chilliwack River, the T50 is a get-together for whitewater canoeists around Vancouver and beyond. The gates are a great way to test your skills, have some laughs, make some friends, and take home some prizes! If you are interested in ww canoeing, the T50 is the place to be!

For more info on the T50, check out the PaddleNet web forum:

Canoeing Safety

Planning Together 
Canoeing on lakes and rivers with a group requires some structure if you want to reduce risk and build a sense of teamwork. How far apart your group is and what kind of formation you travel in should be planned. How many canoes are a safe number and have you ever gone or thought about going on a solo trip?

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