Canoeing and the Environment

  • Make a Positive Impact

     Many outdoor recreationists have been encouraging positive impact practices because of their desire to keep our wilderness clean. Positive impact involves leaving a location cleaner and with lower human impact than when you arrived. It can apply to wilderness or urban areas can be in the context of camping or day trips. Practicing positive impact often inspires others to do the same.

Random RCABC News Article

The early bird registration for the Paddle Conference (April 4-6th) has been extended to the end of March 24th and the registration deadline is March 31st. For the full update check this document.

Canoeing Safety

River Flow at the Adams River 
The river canoeing opportunities in British Columbia are nothing less than outstanding and RCABC encourages you to get outside and enjoy them! But BC's rivers require extra caution, gear and skills. The list of cautions is long, but they can all be managed very safely with training and an attitude towards safety.

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