Canoeing and the Environment

  • Invasives & R.A.P.P

     Environmental impacts through pollution, poaching and the introduction of invasive species have considerable impact on BC's waterways and ecosystems. Awareness of the problem species and reporting are key to combating these ecosystem altering invaders. Eurasion Milfoil is pictured to the left. R.A.P.P is the BC governement's Report all Poachers and Polluters phone line and web page.

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 Click on the photo to watch the YouTube video of jet boating on the Kootenay River.

Jet Boat Kootenay

Jet boat on White River (below)

Jet Boat WhiteR

It has come to our attention that jet boats have been making their way up the upper Kootenay and White Rivers in the past few years. These are classic one-day and multi-day river paddling trips for canoeing, kayaking, rafting in Southern BC. The boats are very powerful and have a very shallow draft and are pushing further and further into the wilderness in all areas of BC.

There are numerous commercial outfitters who run rafting, canoeing and kayaking trips on Kootenay rivers and people come fr


Canoeing Safety

Safety begins with the Right Knots 
When canoeing anywhere in Canada, basic safety gear is required by Transport Canada but there's other gear that you should have along as well. It's all pretty useful stuff and makes sense, especially if you've ever had to use it! And yes, people have gotten tickets for not carrying the required TC gear.



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