Guide Program

Guided canoe trips are rewarding and safe ways to experience nature and our beautiful waterways. Guides can take care of preparation, planning, safety, cooking and navigation, leaving you more time to enjoy the experience. If you are unsure of the risks associated with canoeing on open waters and wilderness rivers, a guide is highly recommended.

There are many companies that run excellent trips and have a high standard of training for their guides, and they can be a great choice for leading your canoe trip. Alternatively, you can hire an RCABC trained guide to lead your own private trip.


There a number of companies that support RCABC by hiring trained guides and instructors. In the future we hope to list those companies to recognize their support. Contact the Executive to get more information on instruction or guiding.

If you hire an RCABC Expedition guide, you can be assured they have the following training:

  • Leading groups on Grade 2 (or 3) rivers with challenging rapids
  • Extensive river rescue training using a wide variety of rescues in different scenarios
  • Clear and concise communication skills
  • Basic canoe skills instruction methods
  • Safety gear for paddling or camp
  • Cooking for groups
  • Camp and cooking hygiene
  • Best environmental practices


If you hire an RCABC Day Guide, you can be assured they have been taught the following:

  • Leading groups in simple lake environements
  • Basic lake rescue training
  • Clear and concise communication skills
  • Basic canoe skills instruction
  • Safety gear for paddling
  • Best envenvironmental practices



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