Canoeing is a changing and highly varied sport and RCABC programs have diversified to reflect this. The chart below shows the structure of RCABC certification. Our most basic course is Lakewater Basic Tandem at the bottom. At the top you'll find the most advanced courses such as Lakewater Instructor Trainer and Master Instructor. Certifications are divided into the following categories:

  • Paddler Level – base level courses for the public
  • Leader Level – leader training for Big Canoe and Tripping (this is not the same as an instructor level)
  • Guide Level - trained to guide and manage clients but can not issue certification
  • Instructor Level 1 - can instruct and certify lakewater paddlers at level 1 and 2
  • Instructor Level 2 - can instruct and certify paddler at levels 1 to 4 and leader level courses
  • Instructor Trainer – can train and certify new instructors (and teach paddler level courses)
  • Master Instructor – has taken 3 instructor level courses (Lake water, Moving water and a 3rd option), met additional requirements and has applied and been accepted by the executive as a master.
  • Endorsements – can be given to guide, paddler or instructor level certificate holders. Endorsements are an additional skill set that supplements an existing certificate.

 Click here for more information about individual courses.

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