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Canoe Camping & LNT

This checklist is for gear that is specific to canoe camping, however it is not a complete checklist of gear to take on a canoeing trip.


  • Large waterproof drybags or barrels, backpacks with waterproof liner, etc
  • Sturdy tent to handle high winds, rain
  • Tarp or shelter for cooking
  • Bug clothing
  • Bug shelter
  • Larger canoe and camping gear repair kit
  • Wildlife safety (bear bangers, spray, air horn, etc)
  • Biodegradable soap (dispose of in organic soil, not in water)


  • Garbage bag, recycling system in dedicated drybag
  • Filter for straining bits out of grey water
  • Wash bins for kitchen and bathing
  • Fire pan or box
  • Small or large shovel for catholes/latrine
  • Portable toilet
  • Bag for used toilet paper and toilet hygiene kit
  • Extra garbage bags
  • Barrels for scent proofing food
  • Bear hang ropes, carabiners, pulleys, etc

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