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Certification Logging

The executive has set up a certification logging system for our database. Certifications have always been recorded in the database, but RCABC has never had the option to observe and work with the data in an easy way. While this hasn’t necessarily been problematic, it’s obviously in our best interest to have a clearer picture of our certification activity. The new system will do the following:

  • notify the executive of new certifications or re-certifications by email
  • permanently record the log
  • record details such as the type of certification, date, master/IT, student member # and name, etc.
  • enable the executive to search for and report certification changes for a given time period

The result is that we will have better information on our instructor activity, allowing us to make better decisions in the future. The system started recording in mid-June with 39 certification additions or changes logged to date. Re-certifications accounted for 14 of the logs and most of the rest were new Lakewater Instructor certificates.

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