New! RCABC Canoe Guide Program

Guide Program

We are pleased to announce the new RCABC Canoe Guide Program. RCABC is a leader in the development of new canoe certification programs, and this is another unique initiative that we hope will set a standard for safety and professionalism in an important outdoor recreation industry in Canada.

The Guide Program offers a standardized foundation for training canoeing guides for the commercial recreation or adventure tourism industry. The program is divided into two categories; Day Guide and Expedition Guide. Both have been developed with the help of many of the best guides and instructors in the industry, over many years. It has gone through multiple revisions and test runs over several years to ensure we’ve got the best quality program possible.


The Day Guide Certificate sets standards and trains canoeists for leading activities without overnight stays. The Expedition Guide is a river based course that sets standards for multi-day remote trips that include camping, cooking, river travel and rescue and other skills applicable to remote wilderness canoeing.

More information on the RCABC Guide Program can be found here . We are looking to develop more guide instructors and get support from as many business owners as possible in the coming years. Please contact Roger Warnatsch, the Instructor Coordinator, if you’re interested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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