Peace River's Site C Dam Hearings Underway

Site C dam is a controversial project that will create relatively clean electricity and revenue for BC. Of course the environmental and social costs are great as well. A very fertile and culturally important valley would be flooded. Public hearings began on Dec 9th, 2013.

The Peace River flows out of a man made reservoir called Williston Lake, formed by the WAC Bennett dam. The lake’s tributaries are the Findlay, Parsnip and Peace which many of us know about through tripping reports from our RCABC instructors. Paddle for the Peace, where canoeists and kayakers paddle the stretch of river to be affected is an annual event to raise awareness of the 40 year struggle over Site C.

The electricity generated would benefit mining and natural gas production in BC, and growing population. However with all the controversy surrounding resource extraction and the vast potential for energy conservation, many feel Site C dam is unnecessary. We have many questions to ask ourselves about our desire to have a thriving economy versus our desire to have a healthier environment.

See this report on the Site C dam hearings and the Paddle for the peace.


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